Hi-Cliffe Xcel 64X  -  Junior Calf Champion and 2010 Canadian Allstar

RSK 6U Miss Sage 64Y 

and  RSK Hi-Cliffe 719T Bondurant 20A 

2013 Junior National Grand Champion Female

M-R  32X All About Me 70A-  2nd in class

Hi-Cliffe WLB Sammy 13X  -  National Reserve Grand Champion Bull 

Hi-Cliffe  21N Utopia 44U  -  2009 Canadian Allstar 

RSK Hi-Cliffe 719T Bondurant 20A -  2nd in class

          2012 Canadian Western Agribition    Sammy - National Reserve Grand Champion Bull

Hi-Cliffe Q Wilma 153W  -  Reserve Yearling Champion