Bulls Sales 2012-2015

2016 Spring Bulls - sold by private treaty.

Hi-Cliffe Xcel 64X  -  (with calf - Zainy)
 Embryos from Catapult, Sammy, Hometown, Lego, and 719T

TCF GHC 11X Miss Ultra 306A 

Embyos from Hometown 10Y

​​​Lot 31 - HMS HCF  305A Elizabeth Swan 27E

  BW:  77 lbs  - show rights reserved until after CWA'17     click link for pedigree and EPDs 

Cattle for Sale: 

RSK 6U Miss Sage 64Y  -  (with calf - Bondurant) 
Embryos from Sammy,  The Goods, Wrangler, and Hometown   

Hereford Harvest Sale, Vibank, Sk      Oct.16, 2015

Canada's Red, White, and Black Bull sale at Johnstone Auction Mart in Moose Jaw every March. 

The Hereford Harvest sale at Lone Pine Cattle in Vibank every October.
bulls and females available for sale by private treaty

2017 Spring Bulls 

Hereford Harvet sale - Oct. 20th 

Previous Sale Success


Lot 30 - HMS Hi-Cliffe 10Y Daffodil 7D

 BW: 78lbs - bred to Mr. Custom Made on Apr.17, 2017       click link for pedigree and EPDs 

Previous Years Sales

Hereford Harvest Sale, Vibank, Sk      Oct.14, 2016