Bonanza 2021 - Camrose, AB 

 Hunter, Morgan, and Sydney and their crew exhibited 10 entries from HMS Hi-Cliffe.  In the open show, HMS received 8 first placings and 2 second placings with 7 Divisional Champions.  HMS won Grand Champion Female, Reserve Grand Champion Bull, Heifer Calf Champion, Champion Junior Yearling Heifer, Champion Two-year old Female,  Reserve Champion Cow/calf,  Bull Calf Champion, Reserve Bull calf Champion, Senior Bull Champion,  Champion Three Head from One Family, and Premier Breeder.  Saskatchewan also won the 5 head from one province!!!! ( 3 head from HMS).

All the entries where Bred and Owned; however only 4 were entered in the  Bred and Owned show.  Morgan received Grand Champion Female, Grand Champion Bull, Reserve Grand Champion Bull, and Reserve Yearling heifer. Premier Breeder and Champion Three from One Family

The HMS crew consisted of Hunter Millham, Morgan Millham, Brooklyn Trask, Gavin Fleck, Sydney Perlinger, Makaila Peutert, Sven MacTavish, Hunter Reid, Taylor Reid, and Ryan Trefiak. 

They had a fantastic Bonanza.  There were 13 head in the string.  They prepared 16 head  for the open show; helping 3 other strings groom and show their stock.  They assisted their "buddies" with grooming and showing during the Bred and Owned show, the grooming and showmanship competition, and during the open show.

They won Champion Intermediate Judging, Champion Junior Judging, Reserve Junior Judging, Champion Intermediate Grooming, Champion Junior Grooming,  Reserve Senior Showmanship, 4th and 5th in Intermediate Showmanship, and Champion Junior Showmanship.

        The Junior National

​Bonanza 2021 - Camrose, AB